Record review: Casual Sex – ‘Stroh 80’ [Moshi Moshi]

1Casual Sex moshi cover (1)

With a name so suggestive and impulsive, it would be an incredible shame if Casual Sex let us down with latest single ‘Stroh 80’.

This year they have been met with all sorts of superlatives, which vary from being hailed as the best Scottish export since Franz Ferdinand to creating a fresh and smooth sound designed for the big time.

Moshi Moshi has already released a couple of fantastic releases this year with Fiction and Sweet Baboo worthy of particular mention.

Casual Sex can be added to this elusive bracket of sheer splendour, ‘Stroh 80’ is as catchy a tune as you are likely to hear all year, leading with a fantastic line of guitar and charm that the Stone Roses just about captured in their prime – God, that was a long time ago eh?

Accompanying track ‘Soft School’ is a little more stroppy and temperamental in its existence.

With a balanced and carnivorous trickling of bass trembling underneath a delicious bunch of vocal hooks, it is fair to say Casual Sex have nailed a sound which both excites and aurally flirts in equal measures.

Casual, but far from safe sex.

Words: Chris Kelman

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