Record review: Nevada Base – ‘Foresight/Hindsight’ [Black Lantern Music]


A year after the wonderful LCD Soundsystem bowed out, there’s a gap in the market for arch, intelligent yet irrepressible synth-pop and it’s one that Nevada Base are seeking to fill with the release of their excellent new single ‘Foresight’; a catchy number which packs a surprisingly great David Bowie-esque cadence and tight, danceable grooves.

When you’re singing “joining hands is all it takes to keep our enemies at bay” over a disco beat the whole endeavour could very easily tip over the edge but Nevada Base strut proudly along the line.

Their great triumph is managing to be both artful and yet crucially, fun.

On the flipside of the single, ‘Hindsight’ plays cheekily with its sibling’s melodic hook, intoning “looking back is a luxury I can’t abide” with theatrical glee.

Words: Max Sefton


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