Live review: Comanechi, Divorce at Sleazy’s, 14/4/13

1Comenechi - Kenny McColl - 1565

English noise-punks Comanechi are no strangers to Sleazy’s – “£3 for a White Russian? They used to be £1.50!” – but they’re no strangers to Divorce either, having toured the UK and released a ten-inch split on Merok Records with them back in 2010.

Less than a fortnight removed from a triumphant trek across Europe, Divorce are as crushingly tight as can be, and the relentless gigging has sharpened up new material that first saw the light of day back in February at the TYCI night in Bloc.

A few new tracks aside – stylistically, more riff-driven and groove-based than what’s came before – their set largely draws from last year’s incredible self-titled debut album, kicking off with the one-two punch of ‘Snob Value’ and ‘Aids of Space’, then finishing up with the gloriously noisy funereal dirge of ‘Cunts In A Circle’.

Jennie Fulk might screech and wail with her back to the crowd, but the warm applause as the feedback fades out implies that it isn’t taken too personally.

1Divorce - Kenny McColl - 1534

Japanese skuzz-queen and Comanechi frontwoman Akiko Matsura takes to the stage clad in a golden lycra leotard, bounding around as a consummate punk singer while guitarist Simon Petrovitch brings the grungier-than-thou riffage with his impressively sizeable pedal board.

Akiko herself joins the guitar party herself halfway through, strapping on a big black Ibanez for set highlights like ‘Death Threat’ and ‘Patsy’ from their new LP, You Owe Me Nothing But Love.

Akiko retires her onyx axe for Comanechi’s closer, which frees her up to gesticulate wildly at the foot of the stage before leaping into the crowd and starting a mosh, returning to the stage just in time for the chorus.

The crowd begs for an encore but unfortunately new drummer Charlie Heaton didn’t know any more songs – Shame.

Anybody with a love for debilitating ugly noise combined with a bubblegum pop sensibility leaves Sleazy’s with a new favourite band.

Words: Christopher MacArthur-Boyd
Photos: Kenny McColl

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