Record review: The Graveyard Band – The Graveyard Band


The recently released self-titled EP from The Graveyard Band is essentially an oxymoron – in the best possible way.

Accompanying a collection of darkly beautiful, melancholic lyrics are catchy, very mellifluous melodies that are heavily based around the light, uplifting sound of the ukulele.

The result is superb, from the first to the last track Rob Thompson’s lead vocal is enchanting, making it very easy to become immersed in the poignant lyrics which have been juxtaposed excellently against the upbeat, indie folk-rock instrumentals.

Comparisons can certainly be drawn to fellow Scottish artists, Admiral Fallow and Over The Wall; who alongside Radio 2 Folk Award winners Lau, are cited as Rob’s biggest influences.

The standout track is certainly ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, from the opening ukulele riff you’ll be hooked; and from there on the track only becomes stronger with the addition of a great bass line that compliments the chorus; and viola riffs that the give the track great depth of sound.

Reminiscent of hits from The Maccabees and The Strokes; the track has very obvious potential to be huge.

Other great listens include opening track ‘Hannibal and Alexander’, which is another example of great melody writing and the wonderful ‘Graveyard Blues’ – possibly one of the simpler tracks on the EP, it’s great play on classic blues chords with immensely memorable, haunting harmonies across the chorus.

Don’t be fooled by the slightly morbid title; this EP is definitely well worth a listen and will brighten up any grey day.

Words: Jenny Todd


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