Live review: Tijuana Bibles (EP launch), Kill Surrrf, Pirate Sons at The Art School, 19/4/13

Gearing the crowd up is Pirate Sons, a three piece from Edinburgh, a band that sound like they know the feeling of proper rock.

Their catchy lyrics and upbeat songs make it an easy listen for the gathering crowd, with ‘Vendetta’ seeming the most popular track, a song implying its either about love or revenge, with the slow and steady beat continuing throughout then cutting into a dirty grunge rhythm.

Kill Surrrf, after several line up changes, have found the perfect fit, each of their songs is steady paced and almost trance like – an excellent set to keep the crowd going.

Standing on the stage was two brass players with guitarist James Brannigan kicks ‘Crucifixion’ and the crowd go crazy for it.

‘Last of The Go Getters’ sounds incredible, showing the band have something different mixing blues with rock.

Tony Costello, lead vocalist, sings perfectly, you can tell he is singing from the soul, after the song slows down with just guitar, drums and tambourine it hits you in the face when the beat comes back.

The crowd get treated to new song ‘Toledo’ – a gritty and pure rock effort, the gospel sound to the vocals break it up and guitarist James Brannigan and bassist Behn Cross make it sound incredibly neat.

Closers ‘Runnin’ Red Fruit’ and ‘Wild River’ welcome the brass back, adding extra depth to, ‘Runnin’ Red Fruit’ has catchy lyrics and an upbeat chorus that wants you to go crazy for it, and the crowd do as there told.

This carries on throughout ‘Wild River’ – a song that can only be described as dirty, but in a good way.

It hits the heart with such punch leaving you yearning for more, then takes a break where you think it’s all over, then Mikey Dornan, on drums, shows everyone what he does best – the crowd can’t contain themselves and some even end up on the stage with the boys.

When it all dies down, its strangely disappointing that its come to end, the presence of the band has truly been imprinted within the Glasgow music scene and this performance will be one the crowd and band won’t forget in a hurry.

Words: Hannah Gibson

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