Record review: Tijuana Bibles – Wild River


Not to be confused with the pornographic comic books pressed in the United States fifty odd years ago; Glasgow cheeky chappies Tijuana Bibles seemingly love a snarling little throwback to sleazier and naughtier times.

It should come to no surprise then, when the four tracks on Wild River are well immersed in snarling vocals, immediate stomps of guitar and deliciously sliced bass rhythms.

It is the pugilistic drumming, though, that sooths and seduces most, becoming the natural centrepiece around the neo-psychedelic quartet and their music.

Title track ‘Wild River’ for example is induced with a plethora of delightful drum fills which manages to both enhance and compliment the music, a pattern which is retained consistently for the duration of the EP.

Crucially, though, there is a compelling experimentation that ranges from song to song.

‘Runnin’ Red Fruit’ for instance opens on a theatrical crescendo before eventually sauntering into a juggling act of treacherous guitars while the leeching and shadowy ‘Howlin’ Moon’ hones itself on a droning vocal hook that bends and croaks colloquially.

If there is a criticism to be found in this release, it is that experimentation does not necessarily lead to a fresh take on innovativeness.

Instead, the Tijuana Bibles find themselves executing a sound that has been done before and ultimately done better.

However, there is something that suggests Wild River is merely practice for the big game, if this is proven to be true, then the next release should be interesting.

Words: Chris Kelman

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