Live review: Communion presents Chasing Owls, Pronto Mama, Billy Vincent, Quickbeam at Sleazy’s, 25/4/13

1Chasing Owls

Tonight’s Communion gig feels quite different from a regular headline/support gig, there is a collectiveness I’ve not felt in a while-with no emphasis on one particular band.

First up are Quickbeam who provide a beautiful blend of folk-melancholia-dreamscapes that isn’t lost on tonight’s audience.

Touring act Billy Vincent, a folk-rock five-piece with two lead vocalists, which it a bit harder to distinguish at first, but after some banter with the crowd they get going and after a few more songs their folk-rock sing-along melodies become more apparent.

Pronto Mama already have a following in Glasgow, and in contrast to Billy Vincent, their sound grabs ones attention from the first song with funk-indie-brass-big chorus’s.

They play with energy, humour the crowd, and play with more determination to please the crowd.

1Pronto Mama

Great to watch, a band still finding their sound but as a starting point it’s great and ones to keep tabs on.

There’s no beating about the bush with Chasing Owls (less-experimental-more song), they look rather uncomfortable with the headline tag, but their catchy no-nonsense songs with noticeably less band members and stage clutter is rather pleasing to see and hear.

They’re a band that knows how to write an infectious song and compliment it rather well as a trio.

Words/photos: Jayjay Robertson

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