Live review: Vukovi, Seams at Flat 0/1, 17/5/13

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Vukovi make a long awaited return to Glasgow and things have been looking good for the four-piece rock outfit recently with a new mini album on the way and a steadily growing fanbase.

Support comes in the form of Seams, and the Dundee five-Piece are a fantastic choice for the support slot, their dreamy alt pop sound is defiantly a spectacle that needs to be appreciated live, a collection of melodies together build up a beautiful soundscape that you can truly get lost in.

For a relatively young looking band, especially their rhythm guitarist who looks barely old enough to buy a Red Bull never mind a pint, they work the stage with a natural confidence that’s not often found with bands with several years extra experience on them.

They are a band that clearly knows their set inside out with very little time wasted between songs as well.

We see an impressive twelve song set from Vukovi as they take to the stage delivering classics such as ‘Thick Skinned’ and ‘Schwagger’.


We’re also treated to a few new songs that have inventive and temporary names such as ‘Happy Song’, which features its own dance that apparently had guitarist Hamish flummoxed.

In saying that Vukovi’s stage presence is incredibly energetic and a pleasure to watch as they own the stage throughout their energetic dancing.

Vocalist Janine’s crowd interaction is excellent, successful crowd interaction makes a gig more intimate and fun even if it is only letting fans sing some of the lyrics or joining the dancing fans at the front of the stage.

Vukovi provide an incredibly tight set even despite some members being in a “sober” state, their style and genre make for a fantastic live show, when you go from the quiet heartfelt verses to powerhouse raw choruses you can’t help but dance.

This could well be one of the most fun gigs this year and cements Vukovi as one of the best bands in Glasgow at the moment.


Words: Euan Coe
Photos: Jayjay Robertson

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