Record review: In Posterface – ‘More Life / You Vomit Blood~;+===’ [Winning Sperm Party]


Our modern way of life, when thought about for any real length of time, appears vacuous and quite frightening.

It’s always reassuring to be reminded that people are aware of, and are more than willing to expose – or at least attempt to focus our now schizophrenic attention on – the mundane horror of what is now considered the norm.

On the surface, Glasgow noise bands often appear a bit boring, their “noise” is often too contrived, self indulgent or just blatantly unoriginal – it was almost always done better in late 1970s no wave New York.

For their debut single, In Posterface, however, have tapped straight into, or perhaps even sprouted directly from, that same filthy well of malcontent and disgust with popular culture that their forebears did.

From a musical standpoint, this record is repugnant, it’s hard to listen to comfortably, but that’s the point – and it is a particularly ugly point.

Can you get uglier than blatantly sampling Coldplay in your songs? Raw, ear-shredding guitar noise dragged backwards by nauseating reversed drumming – and then Coldplay?

If every action has an equal and opposite reaction; then ‘More Life’ is a wonderfully disgusting response to the drip feed of moronic, hyper-sexualised, consumer-friendly nonsense we are constantly force-fed (and shockingly, largely accept) by FM radio; and quite frankly, I love it.

To me, a loose musical reference point for this record would be the more bizarre moments on Sonic Youth’s Bad Moon Rising.

B-side ‘You Vomit Blood’ is hideously deformed, it’s violently ugly – but it’s beautiful.

Certainly easier on the ears to begin with – it has a sombre melody and haunting dictaphone vocals that trade off with well placed bursts of noise and interesting samples.

The brain scraping digital noise present throughout the track seems to quietly sandblast your mind of worry, lulling the listener into a false sense of security before they find themselves waking up in a musical hell (or heaven, depending on how trashy your tastes are). You Vomit Blood ft. Ne-yo – need I say anymore?

Noise is a powerful tool, and when wielded correctly it can be devastatingly effective, this exciting debut single and it’s accompanying LP length mix tape, are billed as a response to, “compulsive communication and total ontological meltdown” – this response is apt.

There is no art school posturing present here: this is noise with a purpose; this is noise as it should be.

In Posterface launch this record at CCA on Saturday June 28.

It will be released as a limited edition 7” vinyl with accompanying CDR on July 1 on Winning Sperm Party.

Words: Chris McCrory

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