Record review: The Machine Room – ‘Sweden’ [Club Fandango/Fierce Panda]

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Well isn’t this just a fantastic four minutes of joy? Bristling with volcanic waves of luscious hooting and howling, Edinburgh quintet The Machine Room has produced a beautiful little slab of disco joy with this their latest single ‘Sweden’.

Built over tonally light melodies and sweepingly delicate vocal harmonies, there is a consistent patience throughout the track that embraces passivity over aggression.

Lyrically, the song seemingly deals with repairing despair and loss; painted under a cave of carnivorous psychedelic folk musings, the dynamics within ‘Sweden’ work an absolute treat.

It’s nostalgic, haunting, daring and enticing, I wrote most the words about this lot from the sunny slopes of Kelvingrove Park, if ever there was a setting for The Machine Room, it would most definitely be out in the fresh air, because this sound is crisp and delicious.

It will be interesting to see where the fellas go from here.

Words: Chris Kelman


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