Record Review: Quinny – ‘Read All the Rumours’

919378_570094203025086_1944018465_oFor Peter Quinn the last few years have proved quite the journey, having been part of his fair share of bands and many a musical odyssey, Quinn finds himself in 2013 riding under the name Quinny, keeping it colloquial and basic.

Read All the Rumours is the fruit and triumph of the laborious years Quinn has spent in practice rooms with other bands, there is a geniality and patience which paves the way for four songs of secluding delicacy and innocence.

Opening track ‘Rumours’ descends, floats and mopes pleasantly over a backdrop of delicious tapping drums.

Quinn asserts: “it’s not warm enough, but we still have time/plus I’m hoping for that summer breeze”.

Such is the impact of the westernised hopeless lyrics dosed in with the petulance and haziness of Quinn’s voice, you can’t help but feel a real quaint of a certain Conor Oberst pulsating around proceedings here.

Something quite wonderful happens on second tune ‘Sea of Sludge’, its production manages to encapsulate that grimy and eccentric vibe which Neutral Milk Hotel perfected on the sublime In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, while the guitars double knack and elasticise a fuzz that penetrates the composition to an incredible crescendo of desolate chanting.

‘The Island’ peels things back, revealing Quinn’s fear of “dying alone”, a quiet strumming guitar dictates the serene regret which lapses out of every syllable he drops.

Quinn’s grained vocals are at their most effecting on closing number ‘Trustproof’, preferring once again to open with a basic guitar and whispered vocal, the track eventually evolves into a complete free for all of broad squelching and crashing distortion.

I’m not quite sure if this release is a one off, but Quinn really needs to look at the strength of this EP, there are some incredibly strong songs to be found on Read All the Rumours and he really owes it to himself to investigate this sound more, I really get the feeling there are still a fair amount of bones to be found among this tortured young fellows shipwreck of despair and mystique.

Words: Chris Kelman


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