Live Review: King Tut’s Summer Nights with The Recovery!, Press To Meco, Bear Arms, Shores of Attica at Tut’s, 18/7/13

DSC_0323To say that the first night of King Tut’s Summer Nights Festival kicks off with a bang would be an absolute understatement.

Having previously not attended said festival before, I wasn’t quite sure what I was letting myself in for.

The first band to take to the stage is Shores of Attica, a five-piece from Fife, who opens to a modest crowd.

Straight away they dive into their energy driven performance, which is complete with synchronised headbanging.

Although they may have been the opener to the night, they play with as much gusto and passion as if they were playing to their own sold out arena show, which makes them both admirable and enthralling to watch.

At one point the intensity is too much for them, nearly causing one of the guitarists to fall over.

Bear ArmsBear Arms, in terms of numbers, are the most popular band of the night.

They have a very mellow and laid back approach to performing in comparison to the previous SoA.

Effortlessly cool, they play their set through slow build-ups and then crashing drums – provided by drummer Dean Louden.

Their approach draws a large, enthusiastic crowd who bobs their heads and holler applause at the end of every song.

Set closer ‘Vultures’ has the crowd singing along to the last verse, and the last line “I blame this on myself” is screamed so loud by lead singer, Richard Wardrop, that there is no need for him to use the mic, as his voice echoes through the small, but packed venue.

Bear Arms prove to be a promising band that looks set to be destined for bigger things beyond the doors of Tut’s – watch this space!

Press To Meco, the only non-Scottish band on the bill, plays a set that saturates the heavy line up with sweeter element to their alternative sound.

Possibly like a sweet filling in the middle of a big, meaty, hardcore sandwich.

One song is even cited as being about a “blue Smartie addiction,” which helps prove my point.

One song sticks out in particular, ‘All The Same’, as it has the line “feel the rays of the sun” repeated over and over so many times, you fell compelled to sing-along.

These boys play a fun set and look as if they are having a good time doing so.

The young lads definitely make their mark on Glasgow tonight, as they walk off stage with grins still wide on their faces.

DSC_0303The Recovery!, a metalcore quintet fresh from playing the BBC Introducing Stage at T in the Park, play their first hometown show since and completely rip the stage (and venue) to shreds.

The five men come on and completely dominate, blistering through songs off their new EP, Wherever Nowhere Takes Us.

Front man Andy Cannon wastes no time as he lurches into the crowd during second song ‘Next Level Party Maneuver’, beginning his assault as he makes his way through the people, to the back stairs and then climbing up above the people below on top of a ledge.

At some point after Cannon is swinging from the ceiling, hanging on like it’s a climbing frame and still managing to hold on to the microphone and sing.

If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is.

Cannon also makes use of the vacant spaces left on the floor by getting up close and personal with unsuspecting individuals and singing lyrics right in their faces.

This is, what you would call, the ultimate audience interaction experience.

If you had gone to see The Recovery! as part of the festival just to check them out as a passing fancy, they would make damn sure that you wouldn’t forget about them.

The band plays an absolutely chaotic live show, with heavy banging rock songs to boot.

First night at King Tut’s Summer Nights 2013: Total success.

More photos

Words: Alisa Wylie

Photos: Neil Donaldson


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