Record review: William Freeman – Lend a Hand [ACRE]

aLVPzWItw4uYPyJT1BaqRCpWFAUcJFkmvA3LhDfUwgMWhen was the last time you actually sat down and relaxed while listening to some quiet music and enjoying a cold beverage of your choice?

When was the last time you actually listen to a song and looked for the artist on the internet while letting a few dusty tracks enter your mind and remain prisoners for at least a week?

If it has been that long that you cannot even remember that specific time, maybe you will create another one with William Freeman and his melodic musical universe ready to blossom in your ears and hearts.

In the first track, ‘Lend a Hand’, the young artist offers a first line that would give anyone shivers in the back, the intensity and the power of the voice accentuates that the music comes straight from the guts.

The vocals are fresh and reminiscing of Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra), which brings power and authenticity to his lyrics.

The young man originally hailing from the island of Jersey possesses undeniable qualities when it comes to writing/ performing a song and his singing oozes honesty and reality.

ACRE records, a brand new Scottish record company that focuses on creativity has given the artist carte blanche and purely trusts the singer‘s choices.

William Freeman will put you under his spell and he will push you to wonder when more material will be released because it is fascinating… finally music for music’s sake.

Words: Jeremy Veyret


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