Record review: Shambles Miller – ‘Deadpool’

a2911464101_10‘Deadpool’ is the comic book themed new single from the humorous Scottish troubadour Shambles Miller.

Big on pop-culture references (Star Trek, Bicentennial Man, Highlander), the track finds Shambles imagining what it would be like to live forever as a cyborg and the winding paths our lives take us down.

The crux of the track though comes in the last third: “And lets be honest, most of us would rather live on the memories of love, than live forever if that means eventually being forever alone” and it’s these lines that show us our hero has the heart to back his wit.

B-side ‘My Common Sense is Tingling’ is an unexpected spoken word attack on bankers, cronyism and our callous, uncaring society, delivered with the black humour of a Scottish Auden, and featuring a character driven second half that exposes the Dickensian undercurrent of a “moral majority”.

Startling and prescient, while its sentiment is powerful, nonetheless it’s probably not going to be one you frequently replay.

Words: Max Sefton


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