Record review: Gastric Band – Party Feel [Armellodie]

a2219617919_10From the subdued Bob James’ Nautilus-esque tinkering of the record’s opener, ‘It’s Good but it’s not Right’  – perhaps an apt musical description for the uninitiated – to the static cacophony found in ‘Under a Glass Table’ at the close of the album; Party Feel simply sounds like a group of seriously accomplished musicians having fun with skills, sound and like all good prog/math rock; song structure and time signature.

Describing this album track by track would be akin to mapping out and making sense of the movements of a paranoid schizophrenic, inclined to impulsively pace his padded cell.

Quite simply, if not an impossible task, it’d be a boring one – as this is where Party Feel’s charm lies.

Before listening to the record I was informed by the press release that I will not only surrender to this record, but I will submit to it, and I will shake my whole, entire body.

I can tell you, whoever wrote this is probably right.

Party Feel is joyously spastic; you’ll have rip-roaring convulsions, fruitful nosebleeds and ultimately, a good time.

Although meticulously constructed, intellectual at heart, and certainly not digestible for those with a weak musical constitution; the sheer brute physicality of the grooves and performances of Party Feel allow it an organic, almost primitive feel.

This is well thought out music that you shouldn’t think about – and this is why this record works.

Words: Chris McCrory


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