Live Review: King Tut’s Summer Nights with So Many Animal Calls, Baltimore League, Wolves at Heart, 24/7/13

Tuts-Summer-Nights-SMAC-July-24,-2013-(54-of-54)Once again I find myself within the walls of King Tut’s on a summer evening of which it is too clammy.

Yet the air con and the promise of local bands playing draw me in for the night.

Although the sun may have gone from Glasgow, Wolves at Heart brings the Californian-sunshine inspired pop punk needed to combat the dreary weather.

As they blaze through their seven-song set, it’s hard not to crack a smile, as their songs are just so damn catchy and upbeat.

In the past, I have seen – and heard – them being described as the finest pop punk Glasgow has to offer, watching them tonight makes it clear of why they are described as so.

Next is Baltimore League, their sound is slow, with The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me-esque instrumentals, Twin Atlantic dubbed over vocals and an added dash of Manchester Orchestra for good measure.

As the set goes on we see bassist and keyboardist, Gregor Keachie, take to the microphone and the second that he begins to sing everyone in the crowd starts to take notice.

Over the delicate chords of the keyboard infused with the beautifully haunting vocals, it becomes apparent that Baltimore League has a secret (and powerful) weapon.

People even begin to record the performance, as if knowing they’re witnessing something special.

Tuts-Summer-Nights-SMAC-July-24,-2013-(49-of-54)So Many Animal Calls describe themselves as being ‘failpop’, so safe to say hopes are high.

The five men take to the stage, preceded by drummer Martin Johnson, who begins to count them in and they almost instantly begin to tear it up.

Although being a relatively young looking band, they have shared stages with the likes of Biffy Clyro and The Xcerts.

‘Almost Something Is Better Than Nothing’ is a particular highlight as when the hook lyric “we were meant for more than this” is played, the audience respond by singing back pretty loudly.

It appears that singer Sean McKenna is taken aback by the response, as he smiles wide and says “that was beautiful”.

When the McKenna announces that they only have one song left, the crowd boos, so, prompting him to change his mind; “okay, second last song”, before closer, ‘Traps’ is an absolute smash and ends the night on a high note.

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Words: Alisa Wylie
Photos: Neil Jarvie

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