Live Review: Los Cripis, Seconds, Rowangrows at Stereo, 24/7/13

999823_520337458035957_2062528739_nGliding into Renfield Lane tonight there is an irreverent and flamboyant vibe gently sweeping towards the doors of Stereo.

Unfortunately the majority of people in the cafe are found upstairs enjoying a cold post work beverage and debating whether or not to go out on a school night.

For those, however, who have made the trek to the basement, tonight marks a very special experience – Argentina’s dreamy psychedelic pop trio Los Cripis are here on Scottish soil as part of their latest UK tour, bringing with them a contagious energy which goes a long way to create a measurable excitement amongst those who made the trip to Stereo tonight.

With half of the dance floor cornered off with a curtain tonight, it makes for a more intimate and intense atmosphere by the time Rowangrows open with a short and sweet set, with it being their first gig, the band decide to play it safe and limit themselves to only three songs.

At times the instruments overwhelm and collide against the vocals unpleasantly, yet by the end of the tiny set there is enough to salvage from a raw sound that owes as much to The Jesus and the Mary Chain as it does to past Scottish noise merchants Aereogramme.

Seconds are winging proceedings tonight, with the drummer openly admitting “they haven’t practiced in weeks”, luckily for them; they have enough intrigue and mystique about their fantastically serene melancholic anthems to make improvising seem a piece of cake.

It’s a real shame tonight isn’t busier, despite this Los Cripis perform with a gusto, maturity and intellect that defies their years as a band.

Inspired by a mixture of the 80s glam and psychedelic surf pop from the late 90s there is a real delicate ambience which precedes tracks such as ‘Mountains’ and ‘Goldfish’ that helps to make them real glistening slabs of fantastic music in a live environment.

The soft speaking presence of Josi adds to the charm of Los Cripis, coming across as genuinely surprised people have come out to see their band play some music so far from home but with a performance like tonight – it’s hard to envisage that there will not be a whole lot more creatures of Glasgow in attendance next time the trio visit these shores.

Words: Chris Kelman

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