Record Review: Cleavers – ‘Broken Birthday Teeth’

a3204140058_10Elgin has an impressive track record of producing successful bands and three-piece hardcore outfit Cleavers are no exception.

Standing above the rest within the genre by keeping to a true hardcore ethos the band strongly believe in DIY and this is all the more obvious than listening to their new release, ‘Broken Birthday Teeth’.

Thankfully it doesn’t suffer the fate of many other hardcore releases that have perished into obscurity by the hand of an overzealous producer, the track retains an agnsty lo-fi feel throughout.

A fuzzy bass line kicks things off, before being accompanied by the solid pounding of drums and before long the loose style guitar of frontman Danny Crombie, which gives an inclination of a high-octane trip ahead.

We see Crombie’s singing come into the track for the first time with raw and desolate screaming vocals after a short pause; with screaming vocals it can be hard to measure the talent of a singer but it is obvious that Crombie’s voice is a cut above the rest with well executed style and interpretation of melody.

Easily the highlight of this track is the chorus that has a fantastic hook featured on the vocals and a surfer style vibe running throughout.

We see this vibe continue in a large interlude section that leads back into the chorus and finishes off on a dissonant outro section.

‘Broken Birthday Teeth’ is a superb release and stands out from other hardcore records by a country mile with its expertly crafted structure, catchy chorus hook and gritty production it is then no wonder why they have been building some powerful momentum lately.

In their own words CLEAVERS are here, you’ve been warned”,

Words: Euan Coe

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