Live review: King Tut’s Summer Nights with Waiting For Go, The Streams, Model Aeroplanes, Redolent, 31/7/13

The Streams, Tuts, 31.7,13 021After being asked to play a few tracks in the bar before tonight’s Summer Nights proceedings I find myself somewhat going in blind to what is in store for me up the stairs.

Ok not quite blind, I am familiar with The Streams recent EP and I did give all the other acts a fleeting listen and wandered in T Break a few weeks ago at the end of Waiting For Go’s set (but anyway apologies in advance for a fairly poorly researched review).

Still, none of this prepared me for the feel of the night as I watch the collection of ridiculously young looking people amble past me into the upstairs venue, people accompanied by their parents and overhearing about people waiting on results coming through are the order of the day; Highers or Standard Grades I don’t know but let’s hope for the former.

Regardless it’s encouraging to see young people coming along on mass to see local bands and the acts tonight produce an entertaining show.

Redolent open proceedings and the teenage four-piece (who I only manage to catch the tail end of due to DJ duties in the bar) deliver a promising set of sharp alt-indie.

The Edinburgh boys certainly have a lot to learn but tonight’s set is a spotlight for them and one that will definitely see their progress enhanced further as their astute songwriting and vast range of influences combine and allow them to find the next level, these are guys whose best looks just around the corner.

The Streams, Tuts, 31.7,13 016Another ridiculously young band are Model Aeroplanes, but with a slot at the BBC Introducing Stage at T in the Park already under their belt it appears that the sky is the limit for these boys.

Musically they produce high octane, sun filled indie rock, each song is delivered with a youthful exuberance that only compliments the infectious nature of their sound as they bounce around the stage willingly and delight the filling venue.

That and the fact that they’re all-round good kids to boot only spell big things around the corner.

Close your eyes during The Streams set and you could easily imagine you’re hearing Jetpacks frontman Adam Thompson’s ever-impressive pipes on show, as frontman Shaun Duncan shares Thompson’s powerful twang.

Indeed the trio do list the Jetpacks as one of their influences and tonight they produce a number of songs that their peers would be more than proud of, they’ve not quite got anything that cuts the sing-along chops of ‘Quiet Little Voices’ but they’re well on their way.

The trio who, while still looking young look a good deal older than anyone else on the bill tonight, have plenty of presence and an image that could easily see them be latched onto by anyone who has the luck to witness them; their bass heavy alternative indie shows plenty of promise that could see them easily catapulted into the limelight.

Headliners Waiting For Go are very popular indeed, as the hoards of youngsters, and some old, invade the barrier to watch the immaculately groomed five-piece deliver a set of dancefloor filling indie beats.

They produce the kind of music that anyone with a few drinks in them, and a good few without, would be happy to dance to, they’re powerful, engaging and they just put a spring in your step.

Like everyone tonight with the right amount of luck they could have the relative big time knocking on their door, but WFG are producing the kind of music that the younger generation want on mass: addictive indie rock that can fill a dance floor; it’s incredibly fun stuff really.

All in all the night works perfectly as showcase for up and coming talent, allowing four of Scotland’s best young talents to showcase their talents in front of a young audience, surely a positive thing for Scottish music all round.

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Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Simon Jones


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