Record review: NAKED – ‘Lie Follows Lie’ [Song, by Toad]


‘Lie Follows Lie’ is the latest single from Edinburgh based trio NAKED.

The first of two singles to be released this year from the group by ever reputable Song, By Toad Records.

Mr Toad has a good ear and a credible back catalogue to boot, and it seems he’s backed the right band again with NAKED – this most unusual of summer releases  already  garnering kind words from the BBC’s Vic Galloway and blogs across the pond.

Like a more pop-focussed HTRK with the distilled melancholy of Cocteau Twins, this is a record that sucks the colour from summer and spits the listener back into deepest January.

A cold, clinical, but by all means moving piece, with a memorable chorus that rings with a genuine longing for something better: a frostbitten hymn for the vulnerable.

Available now on a white 7” vinyl from Songs By Toad Records.

Words: Chris McCrory


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