Live Review: The Yawns, Sex Hands, Cutty’s Gym at Sleazy’s 14/08/13

Sex Hands 03Opening act of the night Cutty’s Gym prove that you don’t need strong vocals or heartfelt lyrics to perform an incredible and impressive set, the power duo have this audience in the palm of their hands merely through use of one electric guitar, one drum kit and a whole lot of talent.

The two performers from Glasgow are no doubt captivating, even though the band is new to the scene – there is no hesitation that they have the potential for greatness.

No fancy lights, flash styling, or flamboyant performance – their craft alone is the spectacle, showcasing the raw talent that these boys possess.

With an almost maniacal style of playing the drums, Cutty’s Gym bombard the Sleazy’s basement firing out fast paced, powerful and beefy tracks with the upmost adrenaline and pounding drum beats.

The skilful guitar solos dominates moments of the set, and with recording pedals they overlap and layer rifts to create incredibly complex and interesting sounds.

Their set is kept short and sweet.

Manchurian, alternative pop/indie band Sex Hands are the second act tonight – the quartet made up of youngsters Alex, Dylan, Edwin and Joe.

With their stylistic guitar rifts and ongoing drumming beats this gradually forms their melodic tunes.

A few sound problems and technical issues during the set hold their performance back, however their determination regardless is admirable – if only we could hear them properly.

The Yawns 02Garage pop Glaswegians The Yawns have a certain penchant for stringy guitar rifts and quiet, muffled vocals – and in this slow set (unfortunately with ear-screeching feedback from the amps, certainly disturbing their overall sound) drift dangerously onto expressing the negative connotations of their name, but a few good tunes and focal points break free of these restrictions and show real promise for this young Scottish band.

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Words/photos: Charlotte Anne McVey

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