Live review: Torche, Fat Goth at Broadcast, 20/8/13

torche-1331077113Fat Goth has been around a bit now, and each time you see them they seem more cohesive.

Their presence is enthralling and spontaneous enough that you have to take a moment to realise how well thought through their music is.

Frequent references to other musicians (Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, et al) give an indication of their influences, and it’s easy to imagine their muses being impressed by the musicianship on show.

One observation, slightly critical, would be the sometimes contained nature of their performance.

The lead singer has bags of charisma, and at times seems almost wrapped up in his own universe-as all good front people should be, but it’s just that-almost wrapped up.

Something ethereal seems amiss, it isn’t a lack of commitment or pompous aestheticism but it isn’t clear what; you want them to be slightly more raw on stage.

While the crowd was warmed up by Fat Goth they are enraptured by Torche.

More metallic in sound, verging on screaming at times, they have the crowd in their pockets from the first song.

Normally metal does nothing for me, but it is clear that Torche are more than just clichés and lazy guitar thrash.

With so many headbanging in the audience it looks like a rejected draft of a Pantene advert, but the enthusiasm is palpable.

Combined with the exuberant facial hair of one member-whose moustache lends him the air of a fugitive ironically awaiting capture in Mexico, and you had a very pleasant way to while away a Wednesday.

Words: Simon Jones

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