Live review: The Colour Pink is Gay, Winters, Fiesta Minor at Tut’s, 29/8/13

TCPIG, Tuts, 30-08-13 021Tonight Tut’s plays host to three bands that each provide a noisy meditation on screaming and its place in music.

If Fiesta Minor were to hold a dinner party, it would be an interesting affair.

Themselves, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, and Philip Larkin would all be in attendance, with no food but alternating between Talisker malt whisky and Diet Coke.

Albert Camus would have been invited, but would have feigned a headache-he would know that his existential concerns would have been less for discussion than the material, social worries of Fiesta Minor’s lead singer.

Bertolt Brecht would never have been invited at all: the self-consciousness needed for his brand of aesthetic perfectionism would have seemed uncouth given the company.

Looking as though they were fresh out of school (and with the later discovery at the merchandise stand that they are fresh out of school) you could forgive them a jarring awkwardness or even some superficial poetry.

Fortunately you don’t have to, they are measured and in control on stage, with genuine musicianship building soundscapes, which at times seem reminiscent of Sigur Ros that are punctuated carefully by the articulate, angst-ridden screams of their lead singer – unaffected disaffection at its best.

Screaming normally leaves me feeling pitifully out-of-place, it’s often used as a substitute for lyrical or musical depth, and the idea that the performers believe that volume and manicured outrage can replace content usually inspires a deep feeling of resentment.

Unfortunately Winters are the embodiment of most of this negative style.

If we’re not to tolerate a tuneless falsetto, why should we embrace the most pretentious of snarls instead?

That being said their stage presence is the strongest of the three bands, and their self-assurance goes some way to winning over doubters

It isn’t often you see people so preoccupied with the meticulous care of their levels during their set that they comment several times to each other and ask for changes to be made.

TCPIG, Tuts, 30-08-13 024The main event is The Colour Pink is Gay, who has been doing the rounds in Glasgow for a while now.

Their first song, ‘Rudy’, begins with a voiceover that brings to mind the interludes on The Holy Bible, and the screaming here reflects the legitimate fury of the singer, set against the ambivalent styling’s of a band whose craft is well honed.

Whether or not it is actually about Rudy Giuliani, the mayor of New York whose “Zero Tolerance,” approach dropped crime almost as successfully as it divided the city; it gives a distinct flavour to the rest of their performance-angry but without real expectation of change.

The band-singer mismatch is especially poignant here, and speaks to a level of political consideration not often seen.

The rest of the set is enthusiastically delivered, and the crowd are as receptive of TCPIG as they had been supportive of the other bands.

A six string bass is a rare enough site to whet the appetite of any frequent gig-goer and it was in the hands of someone who clearly knew what they were doing.

Here there is the combination of Fiesta Minor’s musicianship and the stage presence of Winters, with a good measure of experience and fury, enjoyable and thought provoking.

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Words/photos: Simon Jones


10 thoughts on “Live review: The Colour Pink is Gay, Winters, Fiesta Minor at Tut’s, 29/8/13

    1. I didn’t write the review but I don’t feel any of the bands are neglected in the review, regardless pictures are published with completely negative reviews in most publications. So, the answer to you question is because it was the photo I was given to work with.


  1. This is one of the worst gig reviews I’ve ever read.

    Does this reviewer own a set of ears or eyes or sense? Was he even at this gig? Do at least a little bit of research on the bands before you comment on things like subject matter. Especially when commenting on the track that the whole night is based around; if you think screaming is pretentious or don’t like it, don’t go to a metal/hardcore gig and certainly don’t review one; also, if you paid any attention, which you clearly didn’t judging by the review, Winters didn’t stop to check levels. Several strings were snapped on stage but they decided to completely change their planned set and carry on anyway; and if you go to a gig, show up for all the god damn bands. Sectioned played too but I guess it’s lucky for them that they don’t have to be included in this literary bile; I could go on. I really could but I won’t.

    I will close by saying I do play in one of these bands so you can take this as a biased account if you like but hopefully people are intelligent enough to see that this article is, quite frankly, dog shit.


  2. This review is badly written and the review obviously doesn’t have a fucking clue what he is writing about. Did he bother to proof-read and/or research his material on A) the line-up and B)album specific details (pertaining to a song he mentioned?)


  3. “Tonight Tut’s plays host to three bands”

    “I didn’t write the review but I don’t feel any of the bands are neglected in the review”

    Tell that to Sectioned. </3


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