Record review: The Little Kicks – ‘Girl’

a4015660650_10Releasing a successful follow up to their two critically acclaimed albums was never going to be an easy task for Aberdeen four-piece The Little Kicks, but from listening to ‘Girl,’ the first single from their new album Put Your Love In Front Of Me, it would appear that they have come up with the goods.

The track, which has already received numerous glowing reviews and extensive radio play, constitutes all of the key elements of an electro-indie crowd pleaser.

On the whole the track is a very well constructed piece of music; initially the melody is fairly simple and repetitive, but laterally this develops into a catchy chorus with echoes of the anthemic tones of Arcade Fire played over a smooth and stylish bass line.

The vocals are clear and precise yet still have an edge to them, making them a perfect match for this genre.

The band will be releasing their new album at the end of this month, and have plans for a subsequent tour of the UK and Europe.

The Little Kicks are renowned for their live performances, and just as the case has been with many of their other tracks, the nature of ‘Girl’ is such that its brilliance is bound to be heightened in a live environment.

Words: Ellen Renton


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