Record review: Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action [Domino]

8af01767Franz Ferdinand is back and judging by this album they may be better than ever.

It’s been a decade since debut album Franz Ferdinand and single ‘Take Me Out’ was inescapable and if there is any justice this album would get the same mainstream success.

This however is unlikely to happen with the way music tastes have changed and them not being a new band anymore.

Opener ‘Right Action’ is a statement of intent – they’re moving forward but still easily recognisable by the dance beats and jaggy guitar, the songs and the album as a whole is short and to the point.

Be warned that many of the songs are incredibly catchy and you will find yourself humming the likes of ‘Right Action’ and the sinister ‘Evil Eye’ long after you’ve finished listening.

While ‘Fresh Strawberries’ is a bit laid back next track ‘Bullet’ is high energy and at just 2.43 a bit of a rush through, you can imagine people going crazy for it live.

‘The Universe Expanded’ is as if someone has hit the rewind button at the end of a relationship, as it goes from when they split up to when they were first introduced.

At the end of the album you’re left wanting more and hoping that last song ‘Goodbye Friends and Lovers’ doesn’t see then saying goodbye for long.

Words Eala McAlister


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