Live review: Swim Deep, Wolf Alice at Oran Mor, 15/9/13

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA band that named themselves after stealing a book (Wolf Alice by Angela Carter) from their high school library is well placed on tonight’s line up.

Tonight Oran Mor serves the Freshers and university students that are returning to Glasgow after a summer hiatus, with one final opportunity it would seem, to grasp some summer frivolity and carefree sounds from both Wolf Alice and Swim Deep.

Hailing from London and mustering behind them a string of radio airplay, Wolf Alice offer up a serving of grungy, post-punk shoe-gaze with more than a fair dollop of bunchie-wearing girl power.

Lead singer Ellie Rowsell owes much of her pout and nonchalance to PJ Harvey as she does to Shirley Manson.

Evidence of this comes from tracks such as ‘Fluffy’ and ‘Leaving You’, which are received by tonight’s young audience with much fervor.

However, it’s only when Swim Deep swagger bare footed on stage to the open chords of ‘She Changes the Weather’ that the crowd (mainly comprised of young girls) starts to dance in earnest.

‘Drenched’ is sunshine melodies and a whimsical folly Birmingham’s Swim Deep will have you reaching for the Factor 30 in December.

Dressed in head to toe with 90’s grunge and tie-die Swim Deep are reminiscent of what Hanson would look like if they drank more whiskey and stayed away from Disney endorsed tours.

Playing songs such as ‘King City’ and ‘Orange County’ it’s hard to believe that this four piece hail from Birmingham rather than America’s West Coast.

Playing debut album Where the Heaven Are We? in it’s entirety along with a few other hand picked cover versions gives tonight’s live show a well polished nostalgic feel.

Saccharine sweet to the point of inducing diabetes, with Swim Deep around who said summer was over?

Words/photos: Angela Canavan

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