Record Review: Ded Rabbit – Who You Are

singleIn an independent music scene that lacks colour, originality, and seems to be controlled by the mainstream media and trends to fit, there is very little nowadays to get “real” music lovers excited; yes I will admit to being one of those snobs.

I have spent hours searching through record shops, looking for local bands that are doing something, not new because that can’t be done anymore, but something fun, exciting and not too pretentious.

It is hard and at times I begin to wonder what is happening to music in general? But let me tell you that there are still real gems to be found, you just need to know where to look, and you have to look hard.

If these little pockets of bands are a collection of gems, then my latest find, Ded Rabbit, are the diamond within the pack.

This four piece, all of who are brothers, have blasted out of Edinburgh with the most entertaining and eardrum-pleasing combination of musical notation I have heard in a while.

With dashes of punk, shoegaze, 2-tone, blues, funk and jazz, combined with saxophone riffage and guitar hooks that send you into fits of dancing, Ded Rabbit’s EP, Who You Are, is packed with a signature sound that captures the excitement of everyday moments.

It speaks to the soul and gives you the feeling you get from going out into the sun, it gives you the same fuzzy rush of blasting down the M8, the wind in your hair and nothing but the sound of good music blasting on your car stereo.

Ded Rabbit make music fun, something it should always be.

It isn’t up it’s own with overly intricate playing and songs that last ten minutes, it is short, to the point and fast paced, however still smart enough to speak directly to the heart… And hips, you know to get you grooving.

Words: Luke Dinsdale

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