Rave Child presents Thula Borah, Little Bay, Inuit

374723_315171371834055_1658957897_nThe next Rave Child event at Broadcast on the 2nd October at Broadcast with three excellent locals acts and this one is back to completely free, and if that’s not enough there’s two for one cocktails and some brilliant food on offer:

The distinctive Thula Borah sound – which fuses post and alternative rock with ambient and acoustic textures – has been described variously as “a fiery cross between Mogwai and King Black Acid” (Dead Earnest) and “like pre-Screamadelica Primals, with a churning Ride undertow” (Channel 4).
Website – thulaborah.co.uk
Bandcamp – thulaborah.bandcamp.com
Twitter – @ThulaBorah
Facebook – facebook.com/ThulaBorahMusic

A five member team of post rock, pop, shoegaze music makers, hailing from Glasgow who combine the massive with the catchy, the soft and subtle melody with the big post rock noises and the strawberries with the meringue.
Facebook – facebook.com/Littlebaymusic

Forming out of the ashes of much loved Glasgow post-rock outfit Without Aeroplanes, Monan, Darren and Andy resurface to take their well-honed grasp on atmospherics and dynamics on a different route, projecting lush ambient soundscapes with the inclusion of fresh instrumentation in a multi-faceted audio/visual project.
Website – goodgreifrecords.co.uk.inuit
Bandcamp – inuittheband.bandcamp.com
Twitter – @inuittheband
Facebook – facebook.com/inuittheband

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/365529133578001/


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