Record review: Adam Stafford – Imaginary Walls Collapse [Song, by Toad]

Concept1Imaginary Walls Collapse is not like a heavy book with very tiny print, but it really is close, every track is a page that unveils a new story, a new blank space where Stafford unleashes his musical creativity.

Like a firework, his music goes in very different directions, from colours to shapes every track seems to be different from the one that was played just before even if they are all singularly revolving around the same gloomy environment, as if the singer/songwriter was compelled to re-invent himself with every track.

Although the guitars sound dense and loud in the first eponym song, it is a soft opening into Stafford’s vision of life and music, the heavy guitars dashing through delicate melodies give a balance between the obscurity of the sound and the light-heartedness the voice seems to deliver.

The singer’s tone of voice captivates and hypnotizes, almost resembling QOTSA’s Josh Homme’s voice when he hits the high notes, especially in ‘Please’.

From haunting vibrations (‘Vanishing Tanks’), to the use of his own voice as a beat box, Stafford explores the limits of his own musicality, therefore giving more depths to the title of his album.

The core of the record relies on impressive song writing skills that allow the darkness to pervade the album, the first track reflecting the direction of the others.

Imaginary Walls Collapse is a refined, slow-moving, post-modern piece of music that should be cherish like a good bottle of wine and listened to carefully next to the fireplace during those pre-winter nights.

Words: Jeremy Veyret

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