Record review: Giant Fang – ‘Golden Age’

Golden Age artAs you read this one particular Glaswegian trio with a fondness for synths and a way with a giddy melody are sitting pretty in the top ten of the UK chart with their debut album The Bones of What You Believe.

If there’s any justice Douglas Wilson aka Giant Fang will be following them up the charts sometime soon.

The miraculous thing is how assured he already sounds after just a couple of singles, ecstatic shouts and towering synths summon the perfect blissed out beach afternoon.

Layers of drumbeats and synth lend a lush backdrop to Wilson’s sky scraping vocals; a celebration of “the days we pray for” as the orange sky and palm trees that adorn the cover hark back to mid-eighties Miami or Ibiza.

Like M83 yearning for sunshine or Phoenix chucking on their aviators and strolling out across the airstrip Giant Fang harks back to an era of indulgence and excess without ever being limited by the scope of their influences.

When you think about a line like “we were the sons of a golden age” it almost becomes wistful; a crucial moment of self-doubt that lends the track an emotional credibility to match its stadium sized punch.

Watch out, you are now entering the danger zone; Giant Fang are about to explode.

Words: Max Sefton


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