Record review: Frankeneinstein – Volume 1 [Fuzzkill]

a0345701348_10This pop-punk trio’s recording debut is a great insight into the band’s sound, which channels the sound of pop punk hitmakers Blink-182 with the band’s rawer energy and vocal performance, which leans more towards a sound more associable with American bands Best Coast and Wavves.

‘Black Eye Friday’ sees singer Sandy Middleton pining “do you remember last December? /we had so much fun/I remember last December, we had so much fun” in between an infectious chorus from all three members of the band.

However, the song is let down by lack of depth in the lyrics, which means the aforementioned infectious chorus quickly becomes stale as it is the backbone of the song.

However, ‘Stunts’ is the highlight, as it allows Middleton to really let loose vocally, as the song isn’t swamped by the chorus while the music is more engaging as it flows easily in the background as he sings.

Coming in around 20 seconds shorter than the previous song, Middleton sings: “hanging with your friends all day, drinking beer, ‘til your feelings disappear” before switching the perspective around, continuing: “how much did you have to drink last night? You started fights…that’s not the way to live a proud life”.

It shows the maturity of the singer, who recently had a baby, and serves as a much better representation of the band.

Overall, Volume 1 isn’t a breathtaking collection of songs, ‘Black Eye Friday’ feels rushed and is too repetitive, however, the band redeem themselves with ‘Stunts’, a song which highlights the potential of a band still finding their feet.

You can catch Frankeneinstein at the 13th Note, Glasgow, on Sunday 24th November.

Words: Ciaran Vance


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