Record review: Great Cop – Spanish City

a3850714852_10If you were born and raised during the mighty nineties, Great Cop is one of the bands that will make you feel nostalgic of those years spent in your bedroom jumping on your mattress listening to some undefined pop-punk while your parents would bang on your door hoping you would turn the music down.

The influence on this second release is deeply soaked into post punk, and all of this mixture is highlighted by heavy bass intro (‘Stop Hiding’; ‘Weight’) and high-pitched guitar solos (‘Fauntlines’).

The lyrics and vocals are the cherries on top of an already tasty musical cake and add this notion of violent delicacy to the whole EP.

In twelve minutes and only three songs, the quartet manages to rise from the ashes the idea that music comes in cycles, with hints of Blink-182 and Sunny Day Real Estate the band hits where it pleases.

As an ace up one’s sleeve, final track ‘Weight’ embodies all the characteristics of legendary punk tracks, the final aspect of it when the ‘stop & go’ collides with the guitar solo is frenetic, almost anthem-like.

The one and only problem with this EP, apart from making you feel younger than you really are, is its length.

It is an impeccable teaser for a band that will definitely (and hopefully) make a name for itself in the near future, because talent is present and will thrive for sure.

Words: Jeremy Veyret

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