Record review: John Knox Sex Club / Over The Wall –‘Animal/Tell Her I Love Her’ [Gerry Loves]

a2555608582_10What do a group of gritty rockers fronted by a singer with the voice and demeanour of a fire and brimstone preacher have in common with an oddball pop duo fond of quirky, comical lyrics and kazoo solos?

On the face of it not so much, but there’s clearly a degree of mutual appreciation at work, because not only have the two acts in question gigged together in the past, but they’ve also come together to release this new single comprising John Knox Sex Club’s ‘Animal’ and Over the Wall’s ‘Tell Her I Love Her’ in a tribute to the diversity and camaraderie of the Glasgow music scene.

The former chatters with dark energy as vocalist Sean Cumming jabs his finger and writhes as winter freezes his bones.

The addition of spooky violin gives it the feel of a more left-field Editors before a jittery uneasy guitar breakdown.

Having supported Frightened Rabbit and We Were Promised Jetpacks before other commitments necessitated taking a year off from the band (shades of Douglas Adams’ “spending a year dead for tax reasons”) John Knox Sex Club are back on fine form.

By contrast Gav Prentice and Ben Hillman are still making upbeat, good humoured pop music.

‘Tell I Love Her’ drapes a warm keyboard riff and soft-rock guitars over unusually melancholic vocals from the duo.

When they sing “I want you to be there”, pause half a beat and then say “once” it’s startlingly effective, ushering in a widescreen chorus, reminiscent of The Killers or fellow Glaswegian Giant Fang.

Word: Max Sefton

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