Record Review: Scary People – Smoke [RedRoom]

a1638959996_10Cataclysmic openings are defining – Scary People has meticulously captured this art in opening track ‘Smokescreen’, a dramatically powerful track with heavily distorted guitar riffs, gnawing their way throughout.

Dundee’s Scary People has perfected the art of blending hard, brutal guitar riffs and muffled vocals to pen a cohesive, whip-lashing inducing track; the level of production is outstanding and vocally it exudes distance, suggesting that singer Dabnel Forouhar is having an epiphany of self-realisation.

Each instrument in the track has been used to its optimum level, drummer Scott Anderson uses his drum kit as a wrecking ball, demolishing the track with the sheer power of his performance.

Lyrically, ‘Smokescreen’ sets a darker, brooding tone: “I will rise again as me” suggests Forouhar will cease to disguise himself behind his emotions and will allow himself to grow.

Second track ‘Dreams of Gold’ has an organic feel, the vocals are pincer sharp, as they spit: “I can live without you, can you live without me?” 

Sonically, there are similarities in the guitar riffs between ‘Dreams of Gold’ and ‘Smokescreen’, although the former lacks musical diversity, it gives the EP uniformity, which sets a foundation for Scary People to slot themselves into the “hard rock” genre, as they thrive off meaty guitar riffs, which will tear speakers limb from limb.

‘Dreams of Gold’ is brutally honest, drowning in angst and anxiety, suggested by the chaotic, thrashing guitars.

Closer. the more mature, ‘I Don’t See the Light’ sees immediate discontent with life resonates within the introductory chanting of “I Don’t See the Light”, it is instantly captivating with its sincere longing for the unrequited love of another.

Smoke is a strong, well-written EP and if Scary People continue to build upon their sound and grow as a band they’ll surely be a great credit to Scottish music.

Words: Kimi Inglis


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