Record review: The Little Kicks – Put Your Love in Front of Me

a0671603804_10The Scottish accent is prominent across The Little Kicks third album Put Your Love in Front of Me, which gives it the distinctive sound that makes this really easy listen to.

A mixture of influence are noticeable, especially on ‘Heartbreak Pt1’, which ranges from Franz Ferdinand and their hit ‘Take Me Out’ to Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ and Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’.

Put Your Love in Front of Me has a very eighties retro pop feel to it, which seems to be making a comeback, but still managing to keep that indie side to it that The Little Kicks are known for.

Upbeat across the first half of the album with songs that would not only make people get up onto the dance floor, have people chanting along at a festival but also have people crying into their pillows reminiscing of the love they have lost.

A love story with all the turmoil’s that go along with it is written and played out through music and song in this album.

First single from the album, ‘Girl’, not only has catchy guitar riffs but the simple lyrics that go along with it are something that the listeners can really relate to.

The second half of the album takes shape with the haunting melody ‘Modern Romance’, a track that you would usually hear as a bonus at the end of an album, with the orchestra playing along with the shadowed lyrics makes this track memorable.

A remix of ‘Heartbreak Pt1’, only renaming it ‘Heartbreak Pt2’, seems slightly strange, a much better song could have taken its place but the band must really want to share the message that love hurts.

‘Hold on (Heartbreak Pt3)’ is by far the better of the three heartbreak songs: “hold on to my heart don’t break it”, is telling us that vocalist Steven Milne is still holding out for hope for the relationship, leaving us in limbo to what happened next.

A really good album all round and with the band taking Put Your Love in Front of Me on tour it would be great to hear live; maybe soon we can find out if it is ‘Heartbreak Pt4’ for the band or that true love has concurred all.

Words: Lorraine Dimmock


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