Live review: The Dirty Blonde, The Dots at 13th Note, 15/11/13

The Dirty Blonde_13th Note_John Graham_Bassline Images 161Album launch nights are often slightly unusual affairs, the audience populated by an equal mix of friends, family and die hard fans sometimes makes them feel more like a demo session at a mates house.

This is particularly true in a small, the intimate confines of the 13th Note basement where The Dirty Blonde deliver a series of cuts from their debut album to a packed house.

First up though are The Dots, a local band who verge more towards the rock side of indie delivering a fairly tight live sound and an interesting blend of sharp indie sounds with rock driven guitars on tracks, like ‘Honey’, ‘Love Divine’ and the appropriately named ‘Harmonica’, they make an able opener for tonight’s main event.

The Dirty Blonde cite influences as diverse as Belle & Sebastian, Pixies and Foo Fighters and whether this is reflected in their music or not, there is a diversity of musical styles on display this evening.

This gives the tracklist, mostly culled from the new album, that extra spark of interest in a number of the songs played tonight and elevate it from standard indie fare.

The Dirty Blonde_13th Note_John Graham_Bassline Images 159

Launching into the first two tracks, ‘Sunshine A-OK’, an off kilter indie rock track which infuses wailing vocals with an almost psychedelic sound followed by the full on, punky driving guitar of ‘Messy Galavanter’ we then see evidence of the different styles at play. 

‘Subject.Scientist.Angel.’ and ‘44,000’ are far more melodic pop driven guitar songs and show a mature side, which the audience clearly enjoys.

Then another gear change as ‘Red Fish’ delivers an edgy alt rock first half before moving into an instrumental second half with soaring guitar notes washing over the audience underlined by a dirty electro bass.

Finishing off tonight’s set is the infectious ‘Doing My Head In’ echoing The Hives and finally frenetic album closer ‘Oh Pear (Fuckeverything)’, the musical equivalent of kicking over the drums, smashing the guitar and walking off stage, delivering an added energy to the end of the evening.

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Words/photos: John Graham

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