Live review: Editors, British Sea Power at Barrowlands 26/11/13

editorsAs Brighton six-piece indie rockers British Sea Power belt out tracks like ‘Spirit of St Louis’, ‘Fear of Drowning’ and ‘No Lucifer’ it’s no wonder they have the crowd clapping, singing and taping their feet along.

Tonight feels sort of Christmassy, white leafless trees and dark lighting deck the stage, while their now familiar big polar bear dances along with the band and crowd.

To ensure the polar bear isn’t lonely a big black bear comes along to keep them company and gets the crowd going for the main act, but there’s no need as they have the audience’s attention from the beginning, British Sea Power have their own a huge following and it is easy to see why.

Of course the overpowering of chanting and screaming shows that Editors have their loyal fans too and the tour of their new album, The Weight of your Love, has been highly anticipated.

Lead singer Tom Smith not only captivates the audience with his enchanting vocals, but his stage presence and showmanship keeps the audience’s eyes firmly on him.

Drummer Ed Lay encourages the crowd to clap along, but they don’t need any as they’re already belting out the words and clapping to the beat from the start.

The band manage to deliver a festival feel to the Barrowlands with popular tracks such as ‘Bones’, ‘Honesty’ and ‘Munich’ ensuring we hear the tracks that brought the band the fame and they leave the best to last as ‘Papillion’ closes the night on a high.

Word: Lorraine Dimmock


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