Live review: The Naked and Famous at ABC, 27/11/13

the_naked_and_famous30_website_image_mbvn_standardThe longer a band stays away from a city, the more the fan base begins too tingle with anticipation for the announcement of their next show, it plays with the heartstrings of the fans, making that show exceptional.

The Naked and Famous open their set with their charismatic ‘A Stillness’ from their most recent album In Rolling Waves, which dropped in September, the crowd indulge immediately, welcoming the band with electronic energy.

‘A Stillness’, with its mellow electronic beat fuses with experimental, heavily chord progressive music fills the room; the ABC is in motion, the crowd sway with an already heightened exhilaration, while they sing along.

Immediately, The Naked and Famous captivate their audience with their breezy, reverbed vocals and command of the stage.

Distinguishing a crowd favourite from their back catalogue is difficult, each track breaths new life into the crowd, as they dance manically.

Alisa Xayalith embodies a rolling wave with her fluid arm movements, as she puts every sense of her being into the performance, her vocals reach every corner of the room, washing over the crowd with their magnificent, goose bump inducing power.

Xayalith calls for crowd participation during the chorus section of ‘Like Rolling Waves’, all at once the audience begin belting out the chorus, while the band look on.

Thom Powers’ performance of ‘Grow Old’ is sobering, his calm delivery of the heart aching, poignant lyrics heightens the intensity of track, he mesmerises the audience as they silently watch in awe.

‘I Kill Giants’ and ‘Hearts Like Ours’ are devoured by the crowd as they frantically bounce around the room.

‘Hearts Like Ours’ is an infectious, toe tapping musical wonder that suits the live environment, as both crowd and band dance in sync.

The Naked and Famous played a variety of tracks from both In Rolling Waves and 2010 release Passive Me; Aggressive You, ‘Punching In A Dream’ and ‘All of This’ keep the energy levels booming, as the audience are enthralled.

The set grows with each track, getting louder and more energetic until the final crescendo of encore track, ‘Young Blood’.

The Naked and Famous put every ounce of energy into the set, closing it with full audience participation.

The set takes off like a rocket and does not stop for breath until the very end, these guys are definitely worth seeing live, you will not be disappointed.

Words: Kimi Inglis


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