Record review: Blood Relatives – Deerheart [Comets & Cartwheels]

emubands-artwork-deerheartBlood Relatives they are not, but incredible musicians with a cool band name they are.

Blood Relatives, formerly Kitty The Lion, have created a sonically refreshing, organic folk based album, which has the legs to run them into the mainstream.

Their sound fits in with that of Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, with their use of clever lyrics and interesting instruments and immediately sets itself apart in opening track ‘Fowl Mouth’.

Singer, Anna Meldrum’s vocals fill the track and emerges the listener with their power, lyrically, the band conveys their ability to inject wit into their material: “not because my language would shock the elderly”.

‘Fowl Mouth’ builds to the ultimate crescendo, as the trumpets triumph during the bridge; the drums become the driving force, pushing the track as it reaches its peak.

The simplicity of the guitar is endearing, simple plucking and gentle strumming give the track a delicacy in contrast to drums and trumpet, which accent the track.

‘Deerheart’ is a unique track, amalgamating a vivid lyrical picture of a fragile person set to a backing track, which makes you want to shake those bones.

The drum rhythm is infectious, rushing through the listener and causing involuntary foot tapping.

Blood Relatives clearly wanted to create a track that would get crowds bouncing along; they succeed to the highest level.

This track is like a shot of espresso in the morning, it’ll put a smile on your face all day while it’s twirling around in your head.

The band is defined by their interesting use of word play, Meldrum’s lyrics are written in the style of a poem, as they depict metaphorical tales.

‘A Murder of Crows’ is the most theatrical track on the album, it takes the listener on a journey of symbolism, the ‘crow’ symbolises a bad relationship and how destructive it can be on your health.

Selecting a crowd favourite from an album can be tricky business however; ‘Dead Hip’ is a strong contender for this spot.

The middle track on the album has a gruelling task of reengaging the listeners who may have lost interest, but when listening to Blood Relatives there is no room to lose interest in any tracks, as each is as captivating as the previous.

‘Dead Hip’ may indeed become the death of your hips, as this track will have you shaking them vigorously.

Deerheart closes with ‘The Spit’, the most personal off the album, leaving the listener with a message to never feel defeated.

Blood Relatives have written an album, which will get your feet tapping and your hips swinging, their lyrical complexity is commendable along with their use of instruments and surely their live set would be incredible to witness following a strong debut album.

Words: Kimi Inglis


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