Record review: There Will be Fireworks – The Dark, Dark Bright [Comets and Cartwheels]

artworks-000061938679-cnav55-t500x500Every culture has its moments of genius where words, music and melodies come together to shine a light upon a country, a nation or something more.

There Will Be Fireworks bring us, after four year, those feelings and emotions that encapsulate the mind-bending creativity that belong to all the great bands that create everlasting records, never to be forgotten.

While most people wonder why it took them four years to forge such a strong and flawless album, some others are just happy that a new record has been given to them like an offering before the Christmas festivities.

Every track is a gem on its own, ultra-crafted and thought about a million times over, while layers of classical instruments are added to give more dramatic expositions on certain songs (‘Ash Wednesday’), the guitar riffs are expressing the reality of a meticulous hard work almost like a craft especially on ‘So Stay Close’ and ‘Youngblood’.

TWBF is a band that do not need to impress but just does, the heavy rhythm section always contrasting with the pristine and joyful mechanism of the guitars and the keys, all of this associated to the charismatic lyrics and Scottish tone of the lead singer Nick McManus’ voice gives an impossible and fragile balance able to make you go from shivers and tears to the uncontrollable will to dance your life away in a matter of seconds.

TWBF is a band like no other incorporating their influences into every track, melting different themes through powerful lyricism, interchanging genres and pace to keep the listener on their toes.

Most of the songs are Explosions In The Sky-esque, soft at the begin building up through the vocals and the melodies until the moment where everything is released and implodes in one’s ears.

Second track, ‘River’ is a majestic offering where the music and the vocals are the harshest turning the whole thing into a concerto of screams and shouts filled with powerful emotions dragging the band’s raw edges up and scattering them around like gunpowder.

This album seems to focus on the nostalgia of growing old and moving away from home, McManus highlights that: “home is where the heart is…” (‘Ash Wednesday’) and that “you’ve been twisting and turning in your sleep […] far from home.” (‘Youngblood’), revealing a proper reflexion on the nature of being an adult in this world.

Closer, ‘The Good Days’ is a poetic epilogue to a fantastic musical voyage where the vocals are sincere, intense and gripping.

The Dark, Dark Bright is nothing but epic and exquisite, it renders a band that matured lyrically and instrumentally; yes it has taken them four years to fastidiously craft this album and surely people are ready to wait four more for another antic musical experience after all “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle.

Words: Jeremy Veyret


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