Record review: Katie Sutherland – ‘Canvas’

Katie-Sutherland-CanvasIf you’re looking for a classy and upbeat song to lighten your spirit then look no further than the new single from Katie Sutherland.

After gaining a record deal under the alias of Pearl & the Puppets, Sutherland decided she wasn’t happy with the path she was on and decided to embark on a career under her own name.

The single, ‘Canvas’, is very upbeat and will leave you with a smile on your face and Sutherland’s accented singing gives her voice plenty of distinction.

‘Canvas’ starts to pick up just before the first chorus, giving the song a bit of edge, it has a great mix of keyboard, guitar and what sounds like some brass without over powering Sutherland’s voice.

When talking about the single, Sutherland said: “the future was exciting and I guess that’s what ‘Canvas’ is about, I was starting a fresh and in love, nothing could get me down”.

By the sounds of the single, Sutherland has a bright future ahead of her.

Words: Lauren Greig


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