Live Review: So Many Animal Calls, Carnivores, Bronto Skylift at Bloc, 11/12/13

_MG_8089Tonight’s first act is Bronto Skylift, a duo whose sound blends obnoxious indie rock with a subtle grunge undertone and they do not hold back, with singer, Niall Strachan howling lyrics like a man possessed.

Their set is angry, passionate and raucous in all but appearance; with most duos, live performances can seem rather lackluster, and with Bronto Skylift, this is no different.

Their performance is met not with wall-to-wall carnage, as you would expect from their chaotic sound, but with a lot of blank faces and a few casual revelers.

The audience is interested, but do not appear to be impressed in the slightest, Strachan’s slurs between songs do nothing to heighten the crowd’s interest aside from a few polite claps and cheers.

The best thing about Bronto Skylift’s short and sweet set is Iain Stewart’s mind numbingly skilful drumming to which few drummers on the Scottish music scene could match.

In stark contrast, Carnivores deliver a set that evokes huge interest from the audience, suddenly, the room is packed to witness them raise hell.

Their sound incorporates aggressive rock with old-fashioned punk sentiments, which goes down well with the audience – immediately the room descends into chaos.

Vocalist, Kenny Leckie, demands for the crowd to get involved somewhere in the middle of their set, quickly, a wall-to-wall circle pit engulfs the tiny room and continues throughout Carnivores’ set.

The band perform with absolute conviction and an energy that these four walls have probably never seen before, it is obvious Carnivores have taken the tone of tonight’s show to a whole new level.


Ending their set in style, bassist, Grant McCall, dives into the crowd, still playing, serving as a memorable end to a fantastic set.

Tonight’s main act, So Many Animal Calls, bring an air of slick, indie magic to Bloc with a sound reminiscent of, but slightly different to, bands such as Twin Atlantic, SMAC are typical of Glasgow’s thriving music scene.

The band take in a very traditional pop-rock sound, but have a great ability to bring a smooth and sophisticated feel to the genre.

The crowd receive tonight’s headline act well, but with slightly less energy than with Carnivores.

This relatively new band have clearly garnered a devoted fan base too, with many members of the audience singing along perfectly, while the highlight of tonight’s show has to be their spellbinding performance of ‘We Sleep Back To Back’.

All in all, So Many Animal Calls deliver a performance that is not only interesting, but highly professional, it is almost as if they are playing a much larger venue, which they are almost certainly destined for in years to come.

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Words: Laura Halbert

Photos: Jayjay Robertson


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