Record review: Roman Nose – Long Live our Friend the Revolver! [Badly Built]

Roman NoseLong Live our Friend the Revolver! is a three-track EP and Roman Nose’s follow up to their debut Youthclubbed.

Coming only six months after their debut you wouldn’t expect a significant shift in direction, and we don’t find one here, to nobody’s chagrin.

Bass-driven, fast paced and with a dash of techno the EP has a number of discernible elements, sewn together with energy and verve.

The structure is highly listenable, and it makes for an EP with real stand-alone value.

‘Coming For You’ opens with a quiet synth staccato, joined eventually by a plethora of bass and high-paced sampling.

‘The Bombers’ starts in similarly reflective fashion before building to a quicker, but still mellow, pace.

Finally ‘Bra-i-an-iak’ is much slower, showcasing an ethereal side, which the band haven’t expanded on much so far but hopefully we’ll see more of in the future.

The band hail from various places, including Turkey and Israel, and the diversity of styles is evident in the EP, it seems more likely to have come from Berlin or Beirut than Glasgow.

Here’s to more exploration, more energy, more bass.

It’s an enjoyable selection, but it leaves you wanting more, hopefully there can be a longer release in the future, they’re too good to peter out, surely.

Words: Simon Jones


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