Record review: Atom Tree – Tide of Thorns [Hot Gem/Fine Tunes]

1234087_419081331529528_1624340754_nInstrumental opener ‘Die For Your Love’ is very effective, starting with electronic pulses then a piano comes in with an almost classical melody before fading into static, it creates a chilling atmosphere, drawing you in with beautiful melodies that leaves you wanting more.

‘Desired Effect’ is the only track with vocal and Shaun Canning’s soft voice lulls you into a sense of security,

the lyrics could be deemed repetitive but they fit in with the soft, serene mood of the song.

Standout and title track ‘Tide of Thorns’ starts, and it sounds like a choir is opening the track before it moves into hauntingly chilling electronics.

About one minute in the track expands into a much fuller sound before reverting to the basic beat and becoming fuller again half way through, as if the melody is on repeat only this time it sounds like a choir is joining in again.

‘P.S’ begins with a simple piano tune, then evolves into a more complicated and complex melody, all while keeping a simple tone underneath, while near the end of the song, an electronic beat begins and then the song fades out on a single note, a very effective way to end a record.

Tide of Thorns lets the music speak for itself, it’s the type of music that that makes the hairs on your arms stand to attention.

Atom Tree has the potential to make it big and although this might not be everyone’s cup of tea these guys might just open your eyes to something different.

Words: Alison Kyle


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