Rave Child Top 20 tracks of 2013

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2013 has been the first full year that Rave Child has been running content on a regular basis so it’s only fitting that we a run a best of 2013.

Now, I appreciate I can’t listen to everything, the fact that a new Hector Bizerk album bypassed me until too late in the day I can only apologise for.

But with that in mind, in a year that saw CHVRCHES hit the stratosphere and a shock new album from the awe inspiring Boards of Canada here’s the Rave Child’s contributors top 20 tracks (with a Scottish connection) of 2013:

1teaparties_front_cover_draft20. Marionettes – ‘Teaparties’

Throughout this pleasingly concise number we are whipped through a well realised indie pop track featuring strong guitar work not dissimilar to The Cribs’ Ryan Jarman or one-time Smiths’ and Cribs’ guitarist, Johnny Marr. (Chris McCrory) [Full review]


19. Woodenbox – ‘Roll For Me’ [Olive Grove]

Hooray for real instruments! A fantastic mix of folk and ska. Woodenbox make their stamp with this one. (Rachel Cunningham) [Album review]

emubands-artwork-deerheart18. Blood Relatives – ‘Dead Hip’ [Comets & Cartwheels]

A bold and passionate intro with nice use of consonants for rhythmic effect. I’d like to find out what this one’s about, plenty of gutsy character. (Rachel Cunningham) [Album review]

a1386324336_1017. Randolph’s Leap – ‘Real Anymore’ [Olive Grove]

Bucolic melodic folk with heaps of harmonies. (Max Sefton)

MurderopolisHiRes16. Sparrow and the Workshop – ‘Valley Of Death’ [Song, by Toad]

Another cracking track from Glasgow’s favourite hard touring dark folksters; Jill O’Sullivan’s vocals once again hit all the right notes and with no pretences. (Rachel Cunningham) [Album review]

a0051000087_1015. Algernon Doll – ‘Cassini’ [Common]

‘Cassini’ will be running through your head for days, the track is in the vein of The Twilight Sad (although that could mainly be said of the drum beat) with screeching guitars and fierce feedback and Ewan Grant’s soft vocals riding over the top. (Callum McSorley) [Album review]

1nev-base-digital-artwork14. Nevada Base – ‘Foresight’ [Black Lantern Music]

A catchy number which packs a surprisingly great David Bowie-esque cadence and tight, danceable grooves. (Max Sefton) [Full review]

2081921612-113. Cuddly Shark – ‘Broken Arm’ [Armellodie]

Sure their album was a mixed bag but the blackly comic, undeniably rocking Pixies wannabes with the best name on the Scottish scene strike gold on this quiet-loud gem. (Max Sefton) [Album review] 

1hpof-cover12. Fake Major – ‘Little Researcher’ [Comets & Cartwheels]

Full of lovely riffs and prominent Scottish accent but managed to cast off our dreary conditions to produce a track that oozes upbeat vibes. (Lorraine Dimmock) [EP review]

2720170140-1111. Halfrican – ‘Hot! Hot! Hot!’ [El Rancho]

This debauchery manages to thrift shop Wavves style fuzz into a Gogol Bordello hosted party; did we mention it sounds fantastic?  (Chris Kelman) [EP review]

1artworks-000038825610-t9g8rb-t500x50010. Conquering Animal Sound – ‘The Future Does Not Require’ [Chemikal Underground]

Taken from the landmark On Floating Bodies, Edinburgh duo Conquering Animal Sound released the best record of 2013, this track epitomises everything exclusive and allusive about their sound – haunting and effecting, at times catastrophically mesmerising. (Chris Kelman) [Album review]

1artworks-000032477058-1wr7h9-t500x5009. The Deadline Shakes – ‘Boy’ [Flowers In The Dustbin]

With ‘Boy’ The Deadline Shakes have produced a relaxing tune that you could put on repeat and never be sick of hearing. (Lorriane Dimmock) [Full review]

a1132718140_108. Saint Max and the Fanatics – ‘Soul Surrender’ [Armellodie]

Spaghetti western meets righteous ska. Instant, punchy and memorable rock n’ roll hooks and a charismatic frontman. (Max Sefton)

1kingdom7. Giant Fang – ‘Kingdom’

Witty Scottish synth pop evocative of distant beaches and Duran Duran, if there’s any justice he’ll follow CHVRCHES up the charts. (Max Sefton) [Full review]

919378_570094203025086_1944018465_o6. Quinny – ‘Rumours’

Bright Eyes comparisons are only the beginnings for the very talented Peter Quinn, ‘Rumours’ is a fantastic track, lulled in folk tales of despair. Blinding. (Chris Kelman) [EP review]

1673620030-15. Milwalkie – ‘Wash Yourself’

No words to do justice – ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ just doesn’t cut it. Perfect for taking that scenic route to the supermarket with five minutes and one sec of glorious wistful electronica. (Andy Quigley) [Album review]

tumblr_mta45g14z71rs7sgso1_4004. Honeyblood – ‘Bud’ [Fat Cat]

Honeyblood might just be the coolest girls in Scotland and ‘Bud’ is their first truly killer song. A great blend of garage fury and girl-group melody. (Max Sefton) [Full review]

a3639310943_103. Deathcats – ‘I Wish It Was Summer’ [Fuzzkill]

Full of sunwashed festival vibes and upbeat feelings that just makes you smile. (Lorraine Dimmock) 

artworks-000061938679-cnav55-t500x5002. There Will Be Fireworks – ‘River’ [Comets & Cartwheels]

What would a Scottish end of year track compilation be without these lads? ‘River’ is soaked up in a luscious empathetic empowerment that has become so renowned with There Will Be Fireworks over the years. (Chris Kelman) [Album review]

chvrches-the-bones-of-what-you-believe1. CHVRCHES – ‘The Mother We Share’ [Virgin/Goodbye]

Well, what a year it has been for the Glasgow based CHVRCHES. The Bones of What You Believe skyrocketed the band to a new level of adulation and worldwide fanfare. Incredible that just a year ago the now iconic front women Lauren Mayberry was still writing for the List magazine, with 2013 at a climax, the trio have played on the likes of Jools Holland and David Letterman, while spearheading the current wave of synth pop.  ‘The Mother We Share’ was the deadly weapon of a single which made it all possible with it’s incredibly epic intro and chorus which matches the Sahara desert in both depth and altitude. (Chris Kelman) [Album review]


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