Record review: Over The Wall – This is How We Did It [Instinctive Racoon]

Over The WallAs an existing fan of this band I held certain expectations from this new EP and I wasn’t disappointed.

Each track had it’s own unique appeal despite there being no distinct character or theme between them, which reflects the record title.

This is How We Did It is more of a story, a sneaky peak into different stages in their journey, whether that’s their music career or something entirely different, therefore the distinction between tracks is pretty clever.

As always Over the Wall execute acoustic prowess in ‘Action Man’, the timbre is beautifully complimentary to the rhythmic vocals; the track is almost in a new genre, not like anything that’s in current circulation and not a reinvention of the past.

The catchy vocals in ‘Cast Your Stone’ demonstrates the consistency we’ve come from the guys and similarly ‘Radiator’ has that unique Over the Wall sound.

Always catchy but lyrics with real impact; listen carefully to ‘Radiator’ and ‘Leave Gaps and Forget’ and you’ll find there’s a real story to be told, one that has impact and resonates with Glasgow.

This EP speaks from the heart, it’s one you’ll be putting on repeat as it’s unlikely to tire anytime soon.

Words Rachel Cunningham

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