Record review: MC Almond Milk – PC World Music

PC WORLD MUSIC 1000pxOriginally hailing from Japan, this Glaswegian war veteran’s (never forget) debut mixtape is an adventure for the brain and the earlobes.

While admitting that he is not necessarily to everyone’s tastes, James Scott’s debut solo rap mixtape is a refreshing change from both his own previous work and the previous work of the Glasgow A-list producers he has on board to write the songs with him.

You could say he is resurrecting his own personal brand, just like PC World following the toupee-ing of Curries under the PC World/Curries banner.

“But I’m not a rapper” proclaims the intro track to his debut, but you could have fooled this reviewer!

Like the internet meme that we all recognise as the reference point for this title, Scott’s debut mixtape is Supa Hot Fire to the ears.

Standout track is fifth banger proper ‘Black Pat Nevin’, which despite its racially insensitive title is a classic mix of banging beats and pitch-shifted tiny dinosaur fiery vocals.

By comparison, ‘NSFW’ is a cooling glass of (almond) milk over a backdrop of modem skitters.

PC World Music is an addition to the growing landfill of excellent Scottish hip-hop releases of the past few years.

On a wider point, this reviewer would like to place the excellent work of MC Almond Milk amongst his contemporaries, whose work PC World Music more than matches.

Hector Bizerk, Yogi, and the experimental collaboration of Hunted Horse… perhaps MC Almond Milk could stage a rap-rock revival in the heart of Glasgow?

Scott’s Mike Shinoda rhymes would pair perfectly with the new-nu-metal angst of Atlas:Empire for example.

Whatever Scott’s plans are for this project, PC World Music is a brave debut of fierce flows.

This reviewer can’t wait to see what he does next.

MC Almond Milk launch PC World Music at The Glad Cafe on February 1 with Bronze Wave, Martin Rolex and Globules DJs

Words: Dale Nixon

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