Connections of Celtic Kind: Treacherous Orchestra recommend The Olllam

treacherous-orchestra-originsSomething that absolutely sets Celtic Connections apart from other festivals is the way in which it not just highlights but actively encourages acts, and even genres, to find common ground and collaborate.

Yeah, sure, there’s some sharing at T in the Park and the likes, the odd on stage cover or backstage lover (uh-oh) but Celtic Connections is called so in good reason.

In the spirit of sharing Rave Child has been asking acts from this year’s line-up to help spread the good news and recommend which tickets you spend your precious January pennies on.

Who: Treacherous Orchestra is a large-scale trad riot.

Thirteen members but no bad luck in sight, they are a worthy Celtic Connections favourite who consistently deliver.

If the band were a beverage they’d be a fine single malt… with a gaudy bunch of cerise ‘n’ canary cocktail umbrellas stuck in for humour and d.r.a.m.a.

Where: The Old Fruitmarket

When: Friday, February 17

“We are seriously looking forward to our first show for a while on home turf, we’ve been working on some new material from our forthcoming album and we believe it retains the big sounds and feel of the first record while adding a new sonic dimension.

“Expect epic arrangements of traditional and contemporary tunes and don’t forget all the usual high energy dancing and high-jinx associated with a Treacherous Orchestra gig.”

Well, who could refuse an epic night of energy-dancing in the sonic dimension of high-jinx?

They recommend fellow traditional-music-boundary-pushers The Olllam.

Compared on their website to Radiohead (oh, music blog reader, did you just do an indie wee?) each member is known individually for their musical achievements.

This gig has bees swarmin’ roon it … geddit? Generating buzz? No?

the olllam_Press Pic 1_900px rounded

“We’d recommend the Oran Mor double header gig on Saturday 18th with the Ross Ainslie band and The Olllam.

“The TO’s very own Ross is a brilliant piper and this gig showcases material from his new album which has lately been receiving rave reviews (including a top ten spot in the Herald Best Scottish albums of 2013).

“The Olllam’s debut album was also one of the great records of 2013 featuring genius multi-instrumentalist Tyler Duncan and Irish pipe wizard John McSherry they have an explosive sound with musicianship of the highest order; don’t miss.”

Words: Leonie Colmar

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