Connections of Celtic Kind: RM Hubbert and Colin MacLeod recommend Mogwai and Rachel Sermanni

RM-Hubbert-800Something that absolutely sets Celtic Connections apart from other festivals is the way in which it not just highlights but actively encourages acts, and even genres, to find common ground and collaborate.

Yeah, sure, there’s some sharing at T in the Park and the likes, the odd on stage cover or backstage lover (uh-oh) but Celtic Connections is called so in good reason.

In the spirit of sharing Rave Child has been asking acts from this year’s line-up to help spread the good news and recommend which tickets you spend your precious January pennies on.

Who: RM Hubbert

You know Hubby by now, the singer-songwriter that bucks the sweet-and-sickly trend while still creating highly emotive acoustic pieces.

His flamenco guitar style and knack for authentic and interesting collaborations with other Scottish artists setting him apart from the crowd singing quietly about love and daisies.

Judging by his last Glasgow gig this is bound to be a great one.

Where: Mitchell Library

When: January 21

“I’m playing a one off show with accompaniment from The Cairn String Quartet, Aidan Moffat and Emma Pollock – Aidan is also supporting with his spoken word set, I’ll be playing guitar and mumbling into a microphone.”

Forget an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar… two Scottish Album of the Year winners and a string quartet walk into a library sounds far more promising!

He recommends Mogwai’s gig the following week (January 28) – If you’re ready to start back on the Celtic Connections track after Burn’s night then suck in your haggis belly and relax in the Royal Concert Hall and watch one of the most influential bands in Scotland’s recent musical history.

“Mogwai premiering their new album in a big fancy hall? Aye! Don’t fancy the support much though.”

colin-macleod_the-boy-who-trapped-the-sun2-640x429_1283011208Who: Colin Macleod

Colin Macleod is the Lewis singer songwriter formerly known as The Boy who Trapped the Sun.

Colin is sticking to Colin for now, good on ya Col.

The change (or un-change) suggests that his folk-pop sound has matured and he has developed a style that he feels is more true to him.

Where: St. Andrew’s in the Square

When: January 23

“I’d love if people could come along to my gig, it’s in a beautiful venue and I’m very excited to be playing it.”

A gorgeous voice in a gorgeous venue – you can’t go wrong!

He is supported by Miss Irenie Rose, also a Lewis based singer songwriter, who is a dab hand with a loop pedal and testament to how a solo act can carefully consider composition with the end of creating a layered sound on stage.

The two acts may be from the same place but I can guarantee the evening will be diverse.

Colin recommends another gorgeous voice in a gorgeous venue… Rachel Sermanni at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.

“The lovely and talented Rachel Sermanni is playing on the 31st; that’ll be a real special one, I’ll be there for sure.”

Words: Leonie Colmar


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