Connections of a Celtic Kind: Stanley Odd recommends Hazy Recollections

252321_10150969755224901_1144272956_nSomething that absolutely sets Celtic Connections apart from other festivals is the way in which it not just highlights but actively encourages acts, and even genres, to find common ground and collaborate.

Yeah, sure, there’s some sharing at T in the Park and the likes, the odd on stage cover or backstage lover (uh-oh) but Celtic Connections is called so in good reason.

In the spirit of sharing Rave Child has been asking acts from this year’s line-up to help spread the good news and recommend which tickets you spend your precious January pennies on.

Who: Stanley Odd

A Scottish hip-hop group who like a challenge; they can battle with the best of ‘em but also duet with a string quartet.

An aspect of the ‘Odd that sets them apart from their contemporaries is their ability to pack songs with politics and punchlines.

They balance lyrical integrity with humour… far from the shallows of Eminem’s rap comedy but not plunged deep in the darks of a public service announcement.

They can sum up the independence debate and make you dance.

Something else distinctive about Stanley Odd is their soulful vocalist Veronika Electronika.

Where: ABC (as part of Hazy Recollections)

When: February 2

“We are delighted to be playing at Celtic Connections for the third year running.

“It’s such a diverse and culturally rich festival and each time we have played has been a very different format.

“Our first year (2012), supporting the mighty Peatbog Faeries at ABC was a fantastic opportunity to play such a big venue in front of a packed, appreciative crowd.

“The second year was an amazing gig for us with the Electric String Orchestra, playing at one of our all-time favourite venues – The Old Fruitmarket – with a 12 piece string orchestra, which was something pretty special.

“This year we are honoured to be invited to play at Findlay Napier’s Hazy Recollections at the ABC2.

“An acoustic event, we’ve been working on new arrangements of existing material and are also looking forward to playing brand new songs from our forthcoming releases for the first time!”

In somewhat typical hip-hop style, Stanley Odd have not recommended one gig but are firing a range of options your way full pelt!

In particular they recommend the other artists who are featuring at Hazy Recollections.

Hazy Recollections invites folk to nom down on a lazy Sunday lunch of tunes from five original acts -afternoon delight!

“Hazy Recollections consists of three separate events during the festival and the range of outstanding acts showcasing at the gigs is testament to the ethos of quality, originality and crossing of musical boundaries.

“Among the acts featuring this year, we’re excited to see Becci Wallace playing on January 26 and Adam Holmes and Mog on the 19th.

“Other gigs that stand out are the magnificent Rachel Sermanni (who we shared an album release date with in 2012) on January 31 at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the Olive Grove Records Showcase is also a stellar line-up from folks that have a proven track record of supporting and promoting independent Scottish music.”


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